Vogue Semi-Frameless Shower Screen

Revamp Your Bathroom

Regardless of whether you’re building, renovating or simply needing to update your current shower, the Vogue Semi-Frameless Shower Screen makes certain to be the star that gives your Bathroom that architect look. The Vogue includes a 180-degree rotating frameless door and a moderate, square profile border outline.

The Vogue utilizes an extraordinary shower screen framework. It includes a simple yet elegant square profile and segments giving it a cutting edge contort. Its frameworks are intended to limit outer sprinkling, ease maintenance, and cleansing and in this way manage the bathroom dry and secured as well.

Choose Sophistication

The Vogue Semi-Frameless shower screen has a cutting edge square profile that matches with modern square tapware. This gives the shower screen a cutting edge moderate appearance for simple cleaning. The Vogue door can be configured to swing out and in more than 180 degrees. The inline door configuration likewise takes into account numerous choices in situating the doorway on the facade of the screen.

The Vogue shower screen giving style and polish to any bathroom. These shower screens are one of a kind, beautiful, and open showering alternative which fuses cutting edge structure and is made from top-notch materials. The dazzling and profoundly moderate semi-frameless shower screens will make an advanced look in any new bathroom , en suite, or shower room. 

The Vogue Semi-Frameless Shower Screen has a hygienic coating vinyl forestalls the development of cleanser filth and shape in the joins of the glass and the Aluminum, a fine chromed finish to the surface. Sterile coating vinyl forestalls the development of shape in the joins of the glass and Aluminum while Smooth molded profiles limit cleanser and buildup collection and take into account a simple unblemished clean.

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