Things You Need to Know About the Advantages of Having a Frameless Shower Screens

Think of all the times where your greatest realisation was born. It’s your most safe space in the house as it gives you solitude and relaxation—none other than your bathroom. And because you know of its daily importance to your life you now want to embark on a bathroom renovation. And one of the excellent choices is an elegant and luxurious Frameless Shower Screen.

What is a Frameless Shower Screen?

Frameless shower screens are minimalist and stylish by design. They are manufactured from toughened safety glass and generally have no aluminium framing and utilise hinges and sometimes a wall channel to help keep the design elegant because of it’s minimalist look.

Before you start, keep in mind these things. You have to identify what are the most important things to consider in building and designing their bathroom.

For buyers and builders, a bathroom is the most significant space in the house not only but because it costs more than any other room per square meter but most importantly it is a worthwhile investment as it adds value to your home.

Just like what they say, bathrooms are deal breakers for a better lifestyle and most importantly in your future home sale. So any improvement you make in your bathroom can have a great impact. 

At Civic, we are focused on helping our customers settle on more brilliant purchasing choices. On the first stage, we recommend you to ask the expertise of Civic’s designers. Make the most out of their recommendations which you can also be sure that your preferences will also a great importance for the blueprint.

Now you have the design, you can now proceed to choosing your bathroom elements. As it helps you achieve the details of your ideal sense of unwinding.  Yes, you must get rid of the distasteful shower curtain, other space-consuming layouts and other elements. 

So we summarize the advantages of having a Frameless Shower Screen: 

Beauty in Minimalism

People now are appreciating the beauty of decluttering and cleanliness combined. According to Psychologists, a minimalist design has a positive impact on people’s well-being because it gets rid of unnecessary stimuli that burden the brain. This kind of simplicity is so powerful that it also promotes pleasant emotions. 

Installing a frameless shower screen in your bathroom gives you the best exquisite option. Uninterrupted glass can make your bathroom feel more spacious and airy. Your bathroom will look more open which gives it an elegant and classy style. 

Worthy and adds value to your home

 Achieving a sophisticated look on your bathroom doesn’t have to break the bank. Frameless shower screens are an affordable option to revitalise the look of your bathroom plus they are easily maintained and easy to clean.


Compared to your old style screen that can be easily worn out, like the frames and even the cost to maintain the slides smoothly, frameless shower screens endure a long time. At Civic, our glass is made with exactness and quality ensured, enduring and appropriately will last a long time.

At Civic, we pride ourselves with a league of its own, our EnduroShield® – Easy Clean Coating

It is the revolutionary non-stick treatment that is ideal for shower screen glass. EnduroShield glass treatment makes cleaning shower screen glass easy and repels soap scum, grime and dirt. 

EnduroShield may reduce your cleaning time by up to 90%. Untreated glass is porous and as a result absorbs mineral deposits and soap scum, making it more and more difficult to clean overtime.

 Shower glass is subject to mineral deposits from water, shampoo, soaps, body fats, and harsh scrubbing using toxic cleaners, causing the glass to discolor and develop irremovable staining. EnduroShield is an ultra-thin transparent glass coating that completely adheres to the surface and provides protection that

will repel both water and oil based stains. Similar to a non-stick fry pan, cleaning weekly is recommended and is made easier using a 50/50 solution of white vinegar and water with a damp microfibre cloth.


Frameless Shower Screen Cleaning Guide Glass, Start by making your 50/50 solution of white vinegar and water. Pour it into an all-purpose plastic spray bottle. Spray on your glass and leave for several minutes, this will help dissolve any mineral deposits that may have built up on the glass surface then wipe down with a damp microfiber cloth. Just be sure that your cloth is completely clean and free of abrasive particles or soap residue.

Rinse your cleaning cloth regularly to remove accumulated residues and any abrasive particles it may have picked up.

For best results rinse the shower screen with plain water when you’re finished and dry using a rubber squeegee or soft dry cloth.

We recommend using a squeegee to wipe down your shower after every use to help reduce the build up of soap scum and mineral deposits.

We can help you

Achieve your dream bathroom now with us! At Civic we will perform an onsite measure of your Products to ensure we get an exact fit and by doing this we can accommodate for your every Shower Screen design conceivable.

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