Lead Times and Process

Please see below to view our Lead Times and also Process.


Lead Times and General Information

Lead Times

Lead times or estimated installation dates vary depending on the product, the volume from time to time, and the receipt of any deposits required. For retail customers, a 50% deposit is required before manufacture begins.

Shower Screens

Frameless Shower Screens & Framed Shower Screens – 5-12 working days.

*Please note, Frameless Shower Screens with a Door are a 2-stage installation. Every panel, except the door will be installed on the first day and the second install date is to hang the door. The purpose of this is to allow the silicone to set so it can support the weight of the door.


Frameless Mirrors & Framed Mirrors – 5-12 working days.


Glass Splashbacks – 5-10 working days.

Built-in Wardrobes

Built-in Wardrobes are booked in on a case by case basis. Most built-in wardrobes are installed within 5-12 working days.

Wardrobe Doors 

Framed Wardrobe Doors & Standard Frameless Wardrobe Doors – 10 working days.

Custom Wardrobe Doors

Custom Glass Panel Wardrobe Doors – 12 working days.

If you order is urgent, please contact your Sale Representative to advise or call our receptionist on (07) 3441 7777.

A quick overview of the process  1 day measure, pay deposit day2 day 3 bank account, day 4

What is the process when I want to proceed with my quote?

If you haven’t confirmed with your Civic Sales Representative that you would like to go ahead with your quote, please contact them to advise that you would like to proceed.

Before confirming you would like to proceed, please ensure that the product/s you have ordered are correct:

  • Check the product/s;
  • Check the colour/s;
  • Check the make etc.

The reason for this is if this isn’t changed before your Sales Representative submits the Job Sheet/s your product won’t be manufactured correctly. When you have confirmed that your order is exactly how you would like it, your Sales Representative will then be able to give you an estimated delivery or installation date, and provide you with any other installation information specific to your job.

Retail Customers

If you are a retail customer, our Sales Representative will provide you with our bank details for the 50% Deposit (of the total job value) that is required to get your job into our computer system and on its way to being manufactured. Civic must be in receipt of the 50% Deposit before manufacture can begin.

Please note, if using a credit card a 1.5% surcharge is applicable; alternatively, you can transfer the funds via direct deposit to avoid the 1.5% surcharge.

Direct Deposits   

It is very important to use youaddress as the payment reference please; this ensures that our accounts department is able to identify your deposit in our computer system as quickly as possible.

Note: The address payment reference should be identical to the address on your Civic job sheet.

When your deposit has been received by our accounts department, your product/s will proceed to be manufactured.

Your Job – the whole process

When you have confirmed with your Sales Representative that you would like to proceed with your quote, your Sale Representative will submit your job sheet/s via our computer System S3 Cloud (refer S3 Ware Pty Ltd).

Please note, if the product you have ordered is a non-standard item such as a Brass Hinge / Colour Board, this will affect the lead time of your product as we have to order the items from our supplier.

Our Data Entry department then prints the job sheets that have been received and enters them into our computer system Job Track. If you are a retail customer, your job sheet/s will be entered and then given to our accounts department to confirm receipt of your 50% deposit.

When our accounts department has confirmed receipt of your 50% deposit, your job sheet will be given to our Work Outs department.

Work Outs put the details of your product into our computer system, S3 Cloud which calculates any deductions, cut-outs etc for the product to be manufactured (as per the measurements from your Sales Representative). Any glass that is required for a Shower Screen, Splashback or Mirror is ordered by our Work Outs department. All glass orders are forwarded by our Work Outs department to our Glass department where the glass details (glass type, measurements, cut-outs) are entered and ordered. When the glass has been manufactured and received, the glass needs to be marked off as received by our glass department. Depending on the product, for example for a Shower Screen the glass is put into our Factory for our assemblers to glaze.

When your product is ready for installation, your job sheet is given to our Customer Service Department who will contact you to book in the installation at a time convenient to you.

You will receive a text message the afternoon before the scheduled installation date as a reminder. If your schedule has changed and you are unavailable for Civic to install your product/s, please message back to advise a suitable date for the installation to occur. We will do our very best to accommodate your preferred day of installation. In addition to the reminder text message, your allocated installer will give you a call to arrange a time for the installation, either the evening before or that morning to schedule a time.

Here are Civic we strive to deliver the best product, along with the very best service to all of our customers.

You are important to us.

If you ever have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact your Sales Representative directly or our receptionist on (07) 3441 7777.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long  before I can Use my Shower?

24 hours is recommended before using your new screen, this allows for the silicone to dry properly.

Why Does my Semi-Frameless or Frameless Screen have a gap between the door and Panels?

The gap between the fixed panels and the door is for clearances. A 3-4mm gap is required for the shower screen door hinges to fully open and close without clashing on the other panels.

Care & Maintenance

We recommend our factory applied Enduro-Shield coating that repels soap and calcium build up for 10 years.

Recommended general cleaning products are:

  • A solution of 1-part vinegar to 10-parts water OR
  • A solution of 1-part isopropyl alcohol to 1-part water

Shower Screens

1. Completely drench the glass with clean water to loosen any residues, deposits or dirt.

2. Spray one of the recommended cleaning products (mentioned above) onto the glass surface.

3. Immediately remove the cleaning solution with a lint free cloth.

4. Any stubborn dirt should be lightly sponged off, being careful not to scratch the glass. All traces of water and cleaning solution must be removed from the glass, frames and from any sealant or gaskets present. Failure to remove any residue may cause these components to deteriorate as a direct consequence of the cleaning process.


The surface of mirrors requires special care when cleaning. It is particularly important to ensure that there is no contact between the mirror backing material and the cleaning solution – particular care should be taken to prevent contact at the edges of the mirror. If the backing material is contacted with the cleaning solutions irreversible degradation of the mirror may result.

The mirror should only be cleaned when cool to touch and should never be cleaned while in direct sunlight.

To clean the mirror, place a few drops of methylated spirits onto a clean, damp cloth. Wipe the solution over the surface of the mirror. Polish the surface dry with a clean, dry lint free cloth.

Frequency of Cleaning:

Cleaning required is dependent on the frequency of use. The following time period represent a guide only. Generally speaking you should clean your showers and mirrors on a weekly basis following the above instruction.

TIP: The use of a quality squeegee to remove the water from the surface of the screen after every use will dramatically prolong its good looks and make the weekly clean much easier.

What is my Warranty?

The standard warranty for Civic products is 12 months.