5 Best Improvements that Increase Your Home Value


Best Improvements that Increase Your Home Value

Owning a property is the Great Australian Dream and one of the many benefits of owning your own home brings the opportunity to decorate and renovate. And because Australia has a competitive real estate market landscape, you have to prioritise the best improvements to increase your home value for a resale in the future. You have to stand out from rest so that your home will have a good lasting impression for potential buyers.
You will not only benefit from this renovation because of new pleasure and comfort it can bring but most importantly how it will significantly maximise your equity.
But before starting any of your renovation projects, make sure that you invest your money on something that will increase the value of your house to you and to others who will have it in the future.
The most important home enhancements are those that expand your home’s value with a reasonable return on your investment to the sum you spent on them. At the end of the day, you would like to improve your home’s function, style, efficiency, and safety. So be sure to do it right by consulting home renovation professionals so that you will be guided to get the best out of your investment.
The question now is which home improvement tasks would it be advisable for you to put resources into, and which activities would it be a good idea for you to maintain a strategic distance from?
Please enjoy what we believe at Civic Shower Screens and Wardrobes to be amongst the 5 best improvements that increase your home value:

Redesign your Kitchen

1.Redesign your Kitchen

The kitchen does not only provide you a purposeful area to cook and prepare your meals for your loved ones but it can also make or break your sale. It mostly captured the value of your home because a renovation and stunning kitchen will appeal more to prospective buyers more than the outdated one.
because of new pleasure and comfort it can bring but most importantly how it will significantly maximise your equity.
This is the reason why the decision for kitchen renovation requires careful planning. You also have to know what you are up against in terms ofexpenses .
Remember that the kitchen is the heart of your home. A modernized kitchen is not only a place for the family to bond but it is now also a guest meeting area. So aside from the aesthetics, you should also identify the functionality, size, configuration, and installation. Nonetheless, it is worth it because a beautifully renovated kitchen can reduce your energy consumption, improve the flow of your routine, and be the great talking point of modern design at dinner parties. That’s why all these efforts will surely add to your home value.
With a newly renovated kitchen one of the many design choices you will have to help maximise style and functionality is the splashback. With Civic’s range of Glass Splashbacks you can rest assured that our products will help highlight and maximise your design choices. Utilising glass will bring a sense of style with also allowing a easier choice for maintaining and minimising cleaning with your choice of glass splashback.

Reinventing the Bathroom

2.Reinventing the Bathroom

According to Greg Weller, spokesperson of the Housing Industry Association, the average number of bathrooms in new dwellings has been increasing over time and this is being reflected in the renovation market as well,” there are now on average 2.6 bathrooms per new home,” It means that aside from reinventing it is also important to note that adding more bathrooms in your home improvement project is also beneficial.
We all know that a bathroom is a place where you can relax and can provide you the space of solitude. This is the reason why most homebuyers envision themselves in their mental picture of relaxation and see if it matches your bathroom’s attributes.
Along with kitchens, bathrooms are among the most important areas of your house that buyers are very particular about. So it’s important to be through on planning your bathroom renovation project. Be sure to consult the experts to give you a satisfying result that’s worth your money.
Be certain to update your bathroom style, adapt to current trends, and most of all, cater to the needs of your family. Consider the functionality,
storage, comfort, and cost to achieve your ideal bathroom.
A beautifully designed bathroom with textured tiles and flooring, eye-catching shower screens are all good choices to achieve the minimalist style which gives a tidy, sophisticated, and premium look.
At Civic Shower Screens and Wardrobes our wide range of Shower screens will complement your beautiful bathroom renovation.

Upgrading the Wardrobes

3.Upgrading the Wardrobes

Because the KonMari method is getting more popular each day, wherein learning the right way to declutter is a priority. It is a minimalism inspired approach in tackling your clutter to achieve the joy in your house.
People now have a high sense of value when it comes to space as it is the main element of a premium home.
As we accumulate so many belongings over the years, wardrobes are designed to serve us the beauty of maximising our area. This is in terms of organising where to put our best clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories but still not compromising the elegance we want to achieve. It is advisable to consult the specialists and at Civic Shower Screens and Wardrobes our Designers can help you select the right range of features, drawers, shelving and hanging units, the economy of space and alluring design so that your home will accomplish a striking feature because of its refinement.

Invest on repainting

4.Invest on repainting

Repainting adds value to your property not only because it beautifies and adds personality to your house but it also gives protection from weather damage and rotting.
According to Jennie Norris, chairwoman of the International Association of Home Staging Professionals, “repainting is the least expensive investment for the biggest return,” It is one of the most cost-beneficial ways to add value to your house. In fact, it is one of the most important requirements by agents to attract buyers.
Make sure to give a good amount of time to plan and prepare your repainting project. Make sure it will be done by professionals, nothing more and nothing less.
In repainting, colour selections, illusions you want to create and protection purposes are essentials. It is also recommended to tie the look you wanted to achieve to storage and space maximising furnitures for your house.
At Civic, we provide quality and affordable showerscreens, wardrobes, splashbacks and mirrors.

sophisticated designs

5.Revitalize and add sophisticated designs

Every decors and embellishment on our house always varies on the vibe and mood we want to have. You can easily customise it by adding cushions, rugs, throws. Prefer more modernistic designs for lampshades and artwork. Repainting also helps show off the home’s unique qualities and give a lift.
Another top choice is putting in aesthetically pleasing and functional mirrors. It has mood-enhancing qualities and can be the focal point of any room. A gorgeous mirror can create a trick to maximise space, the larger the mirror, the larger a room will look.
Just like any other effort for your home improvement, it is always best to consult designers who can put your taste into a greater perspective, and at Civics Shower screens and Wardrobes our team of designers are ready to assist in helping maximising your space through the use of our mirror selection range .
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