Frameless Mirrors

Custom made frameless mirrors are always in style. Designed for your place, a perfect fit for your space.

Frameless mirrors are beautiful, versatile, and as the name suggests, they have no frame. At Civic, we custom make, cut, and install the ideal frameless mirrors to fit your interior design style and your space. Even if walls or floors are out of level, our frameless mirror installation specialists measure with precision to guarantee a perfect fit. .


Mirrors to Match Your Style

Civic Shower Screens and Wardrobes’ mirrors are stylish, versatile, and made to last. Whether it’s mirrors with full frames, micro frames or no frames at all, we custom make, cut, and install the ideal mirrors to fit your interior design style and your space. Even if walls or floors are out of level, our mirror installation specialists measure with precision to guarantee a perfect fit.

Where to Use Frameless Mirrors

Frameless bathroom mirrors are very popular, but there really is no limit to these beauties. Use them in the kitchen, bedroom, or to make that small room feel more open. Frameless mirrors can add a touch of class to an office space, they’re ideal in shops and boutiques, and they’re the mirror of choice for dance studios. Civic specialises in making and installing frameless mirrors for gyms and home gyms too.

Why Choose Frameless Mirrors?

Versatile, sleek, and seamless

Easy to clean and maintain

Create any size or shape

Make any space feel larger

Ideal for modern and minimalist interiors

How are Frameless Mirrors Mounted?

Frameless mirrors weigh less than those with frames, which is why frameless mirrors can be mounted on walls, doors, and even ceilings! Our mirror mounting experts can mount your frameless mirrors flush to the wall, or out from the wall, allowing for the addition of beautiful back lighting.

Maintaining Your Frameless Mirrors

We recommend cleaning your frameless mirrors at least once a month, but in busy bathrooms they may need more frequent attention. It is important to take care not to allow moisture to settle behind your frameless mirror. Too much moisture behind your mirror can lead to black spots forming (de-silvering). Since there isn’t a frame to protect the edges, it’s also important to take care not to hit the edges with too much force to avoid cracks and breaks. Download our complimentary guide to cleaning frameless mirrors.

How Much Do Frameless Mirrors Cost?

That all depends on the size, shape, and how we are mounting them! Don’t worry though, we can take the guess work out of pricing for you. Just give us a call on 07 3441 7777 or click here to organise an obligation free measure and quote.

Why Choose Civic for Frameless Mirrors?

We toughen our own glass to Australian standards

Wide range of glass and mirror finishes to choose from

We are an Australian owned and operated family business

We stand behind our products and our installation

We pride ourselves on making every customer happy

We provide quality frameless mirrors at reasonable prices

We offer an obligation-free measure and quote

Where Can I Buy Frameless Mirrors?

You’re welcome to take a tour of our factory, located just off the highway near the famous Yatala Pie Shop (Exit 38). However, our friendly and helpful frameless mirror specialists are happy to come to you!
We service all of Southeast Queensland, including Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Ipswich, Toowoomba and Northern NSW. Let us make you our next happy customer, contact Civic Shower Screens and Wardrobes today. today. 1 Freight St, Yatala, QLD 07 3441 7777

  • Specifications


    We will measure your bathroom for an exact fit and by doing this we can accommodate every design conceivable. We also measure any walls or floors that could be out of level, which is critical when installing the perfect looking Mirror.

    Very rarely are floors and walls exactly level (3mm out of level can make a huge difference), but this isn’t a problem as we cut and toughen the glass to suit in our factory in Yatala, Queensland.


    Civic toughens its own glass and is audited annually. Civic can provide Form 15 and 16’s to ensure all work completed by Civic meets council regulations.


    No aluminium means that the shower screen is easier to clean. We also use mould resistant silicone to help reduce mould build up over time.


    We service all areas of South East Qld including Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba and Ipswich

  • Configurations


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are Your Products Custom Made?

    Yes! At Civic, we custom make, cut, and install the ideal solution to fit your needs. Even if walls or floors are out of level, our specialists measure, make and install with precision to guarantee a perfect fit.

  • What Colours Are Available?

    We have a vast variety of colours, aluminium, boards, mirrors and glass for all tastes and needs for our customers. Our shower screens and wardrobe doors have the following alluvium options available: black, white, polished silver, and matt silver. Gold is also available in some ranges.

  • What Is Your Lead Time?

    We are known for fast, ‘industry best’ turnaround times. As we operate our own toughening plant, we have greater control of the time it takes to manufacture the glass, so we can install your product quicker. We aim for a 5–10-day turnaround from the date of measurement. Check out more on our Lead Times here .

  • How Do You Prevent Dirt and Mould?

    Our products contain no aluminium, so they are easier to clean. We also use mould resistant silicone to help reduce mould build up over time. We highly recommend applying enduro shield for shower screens and splashback surfaces for their longevity. Check our product pages for more details on how to keep your investment clean and protected.

  • What Types of Glass Are Available?

    Our glass is manufactured in Australia to Australian Standards. Since we toughen our own glass, we have a wide array of options to choose from:
     . 4mm, 6mm, 10mm and 12mm
     . Clear, low iron, float, acid etch, and bronze mirror

  • How do I Place an Order?

    First contact us to arrange an obligation-free quote. Your sales representative will contact you to arrange a time to meet. Once we have found a solution for you then we will require a 50% deposit to move forward. Our office will then confirm an installation date that is convenient for you. The day prior to installation you will receive a text message to confirm. Find out more about our Lead Times and Processes here.


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